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About LOLBeans

LolBeans is one of those games you fall in love when you first see it. Even though that the game was released in 2020, it is already on the top of its popularity because of the addictive gameplay and awesome graphics.Today there are a lot of remakes of this game but believe me, LolBeans stands above the crowd. You can now enjoy this awesome game at our website or download and install it to your smartphone, it is absolutely free. The one thing that annoy me is the number of ads in this game but that's the only disadvantage of this game. Continue reading our complete review of the game below and understand how the things work.

Main Rules Of Lol Beans

The main and most important rule of this game is that you have to use all your skills to reach the finish line despite the number of various obstacles. As you know, this game has a multiplayer mode where you play against real people all around the world. You can task with other players using the game chat but believe me, you won't have enough time to chat - this game will make you involved to the max. The characters of this game are beans - a lovely and cute animated beans which compete with each other to become the winner of the race.

How To Play LoLBeans.io?

The controls are pretty common - you control the character using WASD buttons, press Spacebar to jump and use mouse to look around. This racing game has a lot of different levels with various obstacles - you will be jumping on the balls,running through slippy areas, swim in the pool and many others. Every time you fall down from the board, you start from the beginning. In case you have some progress in the level, you will start from the checkpoint. Your main mission is to run as fast as you can to reach the finish line in time. Yes, you read it right, every level has it's own time limit and the players which can't reach the finish line on time, will lose the game. The number of players who will manage to reach finish are going to be nominated for the next race. This way, every level of this game makes the number of players smaller and in the end, only one player will win the whole race. Sounds interesting, right ?

Characters & Items

The game gives you opportunity to customize your character if you have enough coins.In this case, the best idea is to create a free account at the beginning of the game to store all your progress there. Every time you play a race, even if you fail to win it you are given golden coins - using those coins you can visit the in-game shop to buy new skin for your character or even unlock special items. Even though that those skins and items don't give you any additional skills, it is always better to look different in the crowd of other players.Keep in mind that this game rather difficult and most people fail to complete the levels in first try - you have to spend some time on practice to understand how to jump correctly and how to overcome different types of obstacles. In each match, if you are eliminated you have two choices - to stay as spectacular or find a new game. At the beginning of a new match, all players are jumping and running together until the timer goes off and all players join the game. Enjoy the full version of the LoLBeans in fulscreen mode for free and don't forget to share your thoughts about it below.

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